JOB SUMMARY Deseret Digital Media, owner of, KSL Classifieds and, is looking for a writer-editor. Applicants should have at least three (3) of the following: impeccable grammar interesting things to say about every topic an encyclopedic knowledge of Utah trivia jokes a willingness not to use Oxford commas & a handle on the difference between -, and ' a dune buggy you'll let the creative director borrow a finely tuned... cliche detector Does that sound like you? How big are the tires? Okay, the buggy is negotiable, but non-boring writing isn't. The position requires writing and editing all sorts of copy about a multitude of topics for several different brands, so adaptability and creativity must come standard. Hopefully you think variety is the spice of work. In return, you'll get competitive pay, great benefits and the chance to see your work in highly visible marketing campaigns around Utah and even inter-nationally. This position is part of an eight-person creative team made of writers, designers and a project manager. The work atmosphere at DDM is exacting but relaxed, if we do say so ourselves, and if that even makes any sense. (Or maybe every company says that about themselves and it's a clich and this job description is a total hypocrite? WELL THE CLICH IS TRUE HERE, OKAY?) WHEN YOU APPLY, please submit a cover letter and 12 writing samples along with your rsum . RESPONSIBILITIES Work with the design team to craft marketing campaigns by brainstorming campaign concepts creating headlines and support copy for campaigns writing marketing emails (sales, newsletters, etc.) writing and editing web content (landing pages, articles, etc.) writing print ads, banners and billboards writing radio and video scripts formulating social messages that support marketing efforts KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS Creative, strategic, analytical and organizational skills Strong oral and written communication Ability to work collaboratively Understanding of current marketing, technology and social media trends Ability to manage multiple projects at once Must be nice EXPERIENCE-EDUCATION Bachelor's degree in English, writing, marketing, communications or related Minimum 2 years writing experience, preferably in a marketing context For more information, or to apply now, you must go to the website below. Please DO NOT email your resume to us as we only accept applications through our website.