New York Times Managing Editor NYT Syndicate in New York, New York

Job Description

Times journalism is in amazing form, and audiences have been flocking to our authoritative coverage. Our journalists reported from the ground in more than 150 countries, often at great personal risk. Our talented business-side colleagues helped serve their reporting to more than three million subscribers across multiple platforms.

To continue supporting our strategy of creating journalism that stands apart, along with innovative products and services to bring the news to the world, we must recruit the finest journalists and hire many of the field’s most creative, distinguished people.

That starts from within.

Employing more people at all levels of the organization who bring different perspectives will make our journalism more insightful, relevant and urgent.

We are committed to nurturing talent and investing in our own employees before recruiting from the outside. So if you see a job opening here that might be a right fit for you, we encourage you to apply.

Management Responsibilities

  • Manage staff and contractors who edit and fact check all Syndicate services for global clients, including the assessment of performance with feedback, the preparation of work and vacation schedules, and the training of new editors

  • Establish goals and priorities for the team

  • Work with other areas of the News Services Division, such as legal and accounting, as needed, to monitor expenses and generate contracts

  • Represent the Syndicate editorial group at internal sales meetings, and attend these meetings twice a month to discuss services

  • Assist the Executive Editor in designing strategy for the Syndicate

Editorial Responsibilities

  • Create and modify editorial guidelines and styles, as needed, including updates to the editorial manual

  • Maintain quality and integrity of Syndicate services

  • Manage relationships with content providers

  • Ensure that all deadlines are met

  • Edit articles and columns, as needed, and supervise other editors

  • Pitch ideas to editorial development team, and provide feedback to the team about new Syndicate services

  • Operationalize the launches of new services

  • Supervise and test translation agencies for the News Service and Syndicate, establishing budgets, approving invoices and monitoring quality

  • Showcase Syndicate content on

  • Monitor influx of articles into automatic delivery systems

  • Interact with NYT newsroom to acquire content such as blogs, and to manage distribution rights

  • Alert information systems team to software problems, provide feedback regarding solutions, and meet regularly to discuss proposed updates and CMS tests

  • Manage rights clearance for Syndicate articles and maintain archive of all rights clearance decisions

  • Inform sales and marketing about content they will showcase to clients

  • Provide information about Syndicate services via


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The New York Times Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of an individual's sex, age, race, color, creed, national origin, alienage, religion, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation or affectional preference, gender identity and expression, disability, genetic trait or predisposition, carrier status, citizenship, veteran or military status and other personal characteristics protected by law. All applications will receive consideration for employment without regard to legally protected characteristics.

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This is an important moment to work at The Times. Across the organization, we're taking advantage of the changing media landscape to pioneer a new era of journalism. With high-quality, original reporting at our core, we’re thinking more creatively about our reader relationships and how to deliver new and relevant offerings and experiences. We’re telling stories differently and playing with emerging formats like 360 video and VR. And we’re building a diverse and collaborative culture that can keep up with the rigors of the modern-day news cycle.

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To create journalism and supporting products that stand apart, we must recruit the finest talent in the world. Journalists, data designers, videographers, agile marketers, art directors, and many others, we’re looking for people at all stages of their careers to bring different perspectives and practices to our teams. Together, we can make our journalism more insightful, meaningful and essential to the daily lives and understanding of people around the world.

Employee-driven benefits

If you see a job opening here that might be a good fit for you, we encourage you to apply. We offer a comprehensive and competitive benefits package that includes medical, dental and vision plans for employees and their families, health and wellness programs, a 401(k) plan, tuition reimbursement, paid vacation, paid parental leave and much more.