National Law Center for Inter-American Free Trade Legal Editor in Tucson, Arizona

This job was posted by : For more information, please see: Will act as the office's primary legal editor for all documents, proposals, publications and reports.

Will assist the senior research staff and attorneys of the office by confirming research and editing legal reports on various commercial law topics for our clients, primarily the State Department and the International Finance Corporation.

Will proofread, rewrite and edit reports and deliverables to improve readability and ensure proper legal citations and terminology are present.

Will be responsible for detecting and correcting errors in the international research of laws, regulations, case law, and other information related to our international contracts.

Will use his legal training to improve and develop content while considering the reader and audience.

Specifically, will be preparing and editing reports on commercial law developments in Africa, including in the areas of secured transactions, simplified business company laws and warehouse receipts.

He is expected to immediately contribute to editing for no less than eight secured transactions reform projects in Africa, including his native Nigeria where a reform bill awaits enactment. Will also act as a special editor for a book analyzing the laws of about 15 African countries to be published by Hart Publishing, Oxford.