Sovereign Health Junior Producer/Editor Video Production in San Clemente, California

Sovereign Health one of the top five fastest growing companies in Orange County, California, highly ranked on the Inc. 5000 list, with 9 facilities nationwide and Joint Commission Accredited has open positions for our Video Production team in our San Clemente location.

Job Description:

Reporting to the Senior Director of Strategic Development, the Junior Producer/Editor is responsible for all aspects of video segment production. The Junior Producer/Editor identifies segment topics, conducts appropriate research and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of pre-production (storyboarding, casting, interview prep, etc.), field direction, scripting, editing and vetting. He/she is responsible for coordination with the Marketing, Outreach, PR/Media, Corporate Communications and Content teams. They must be able to produce, write and edit their own pieces.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Story Idea Identification – identifies individual story and series topics. Researches ideas for pitching to the Senior Director of Strategic Development.

  • Story Development – is responsible for researching, cast experts, art direction (locations/lighting/graphics), storyboard, prep interviews, etc.

  • Pre-Production – is responsible for budget development, block storyboard for shooting schedule, planning individual shoots, staff shoot (camera/audio, lighting, transportation), travel and all other required arrangements.

  • Field Direction – directs the technical crew (camera, audio), Sovereign talent and segment participants. On location, works with camera, lighting and audio crews to select specific settings, shots and sequences. In some cases the Produce /Editor will shoot the story themselves.

  • Editorial Development & Control – following story approval, the Producer/Editor is responsible for editorial direction and editorial quality control of the story concept and execution. Is also responsible for final fact check, legal vetting, royalties and content use fees.

  • Editing - screens and edits their own material. Current software in operation: Apple Final Cut Pro (FCP) X, Adobe Premiere Pro (creative cloud), Adobe After Effects (creative Cloud).

  • Scripting – is responsible for writing a full spectrum of written products for segment scripts, studio introductions and tags, story promotion, video press release, social media and digital platform products.

  • Graphics & Post Production – conceptualizes and works with the graphics team on all graphic elements – i.e. stills, infographics, motion graphics, on air character generation, etc.

  • Is responsible for the coordination of story production with the Production Services team, IT, Marketing, Outreach, PR/Media, Corporate Communications and Content teams.

  • Is responsible for the Coordination and integration of all Production Services facilities, equipment and software with Sovereign’s IT Department.

  • Works with Outreach, Marketing and Corporate & Facilities Management to plan and execute virtual tours, interviews, CE events, webinars and news/information pieces. Edits and formats products for distribution across multiple platforms.

  • Other projects and services as needed.


Degree in Journalism, Communication


Medical, Dental and Vision