RELX Group Senior Copy Editor-Tax in New York, New York

Senior Copy Editor-Tax

Category: Editorial

Location: New York, New York, United States

Senior Editor-Tax

Law360 currently has an opportunity for a Senior Editor to join our Tax Editorial team. On a typical day Senior Editors will be responsible for performing structural edits on up to 10 stories per day as well as editing headlines and leads with an eye to increasing reader clicks. The ideal candidate will have exceptional news judgment, have an allergic reaction to bad writing, and possess a tireless devotion to editorial excellence. Strong headline writing skills and an ability to work effectively with reporters are musts. Experience editing legal or business news a plus.

Required for consideration:

  • Bachelor's degree in English, Professional Writing, Journalism, Communications or related field

  • 4+ years experience doing structural and stylistic editing for daily or weekly news publications

  • Extensive knowledge of AP style

Preferred for consideration:

  • 6+ years of full-time editing experience

  • Legal or business news editing experience

  • Experience working as a slot editor at a daily newspaper

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  1. A college degree in English is preferred and copy editing experience is required. 2. Ability to communicate effectively with internal and external customers. 3. Ability to multi-task and handle multiple priorities effectively and efficiently. 4. Ability to adapt to sudden change. 5. Ability to consistently demonstrate proficiency and accuracy in the performance of editorial and production processes. 6. Complete understanding of the workflows and production tasks associated with the Official Reports. 7. Superior interpersonal skills. 8. Understanding of customer needs and expectations. 9. Ability to train, mentor, and provide constructive feedback to less senior team members. 10. Ability to identify improvements in production processes. 11. Demonstrated attention to detail in all assigned tasks. 12. Proficiency in assigned jurisdictions. 13. Ability to work independently. 13. Ability to follow directions from the Office of the Reporter of Decisions and Team Leaders. 14. Ability to take on Team Leader responsibilities and perform related tasks, when required.